Programmatic - Geolocation based marketing

Programmatic - Geolocation targeting of mobile devices

Get more online and in-store traffic using custom audiences

Personalized audience:

Retarget potential buyers based on their history of visits to your point-of-sale, competitor stores or other places of interest they have physically visited in the past 3 years. Using geofencing technology, we create virtual barriers to gather the mobile device of your perferred customers.

Effective targeting:

We create personalized audience segments that enable you to generate more online and in-store visits. You’ll be able to reach them on their mobile devices, desktops and tablets on any website or app when they’re actively looking for your products and services.

Performance measurement:

Every great online marketing campaign deserves excellent tracking. Whether you want to measure website traffic or specific actions such as online purchases, store visits, newsletter or subscriptions, we can help you develop and implement the right measurement plan.

Display ad campaign

Reach your target audience with display ads or animated banners on mobile and the Web using geotargeted programmatic advertising

Video preroll campaign

Reach your target audience with video ads on mobile and on the Web using programmatic advertising to your personalized audience

REAL-TIME Audience Targeting

Reach your audience in real-time using precise geofencing targeting

Real-time targeting using geolocation data involves the immediate and dynamic identification of individuals based on their current physical location. This approach harnesses GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular data from mobile devices to pinpoint precise geographical coordinates of users.

By leveraging this geolocation data in real-time, businesses can tailor their marketing strategies to reach audiences in specific locations or within defined geographic areas instantly. It allows for targeted advertising, notifications, or personalized content delivery to users based on their present whereabouts.

This method enables businesses to:

  1. Precisely Target Audiences: Geolocation data helps identify users in specific locations, such as neighborhoods, events, competitor stores, landmarks, or designated areas, allowing tailored messaging or promotions.

  2. Dynamic Campaign Adjustments: Marketers can adjust ad campaigns or content in real-time based on users’ movements or actions within defined geographic boundaries.

  3. Enhance Customer Engagement: Real-time geolocation targeting facilitates delivering relevant and timely information, enhancing user engagement and driving actions like in-store visits or specific interactions based on location-based triggers.

  4. Measure Campaign Effectiveness: It allows businesses to measure the impact of their campaigns by tracking conversions or actions taken by users upon entering specific geofenced areas.

Overall, real-time targeting using geolocation data empowers businesses to deliver highly relevant and timely content or promotions, enhancing user engagement and driving actions based on their immediate physical location.

Using audience targeting we can identify and segment specific groups or individuals within a larger audience based on various characteristics, behaviors, or demographics. The goal is to tailor marketing efforts, content, or advertising to effectively reach and engage these targeted segments. Here are key elements:

  1. Demographics: Targeting based on age, gender, income, education, occupation, marital status, etc. helps narrow down the audience to specific groups that match the desired consumer profile.
  2. Psychographics: This delves into the psychological aspects, attitudes, interests, values, and lifestyles of individuals, allowing for more nuanced targeting based on shared beliefs or behaviors.
  3. Behavioral Targeting: Focuses on user behavior, online activities, purchase history, website visits, and interactions with content, allowing for personalized messaging based on past actions.


By combining and analyzing these factors, businesses can create highly tailored and relevant marketing campaigns. Audience targeting allows for personalized messaging, optimizing ad spend, and ultimately driving better engagement and conversions by reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.

Sales cycle can be a few days and even months for some products and unfortunately not all website visitors convert right away. With our custom retargeting pixel, we can help deliver your ads to your prospective clients who have already shown interest in your products or services.

Using website retargeting is also a great way to showcase related products to online shoppers after they made an initial purchase. We can create a custom site retargeting audience depending on the pages and actions they take on your website. 

Is your product or service good for everyone? Using Geotargeting is a great and less expensive way to reach your targeted audience. We can define targeting zones based on FSA (6 digits postal codes), a city, or define precise targeting polygons around your store to reach your audience making sure every ad impression counts.

Geotargeting is also a great way to multiply the number of points of contact while running a mailing campaign by sending reminders and purchase incentives to the targeted audience.

Facebook & Instagram are great ways to reach and sell your products online. Why just use Facebook pre-define audience segment when you could be sending your ads to your preferred customers using our custom build audience segment? We can provide a list of mobile IDs based on historical consumer geolocation data. You will not only save money but increase your conversion rate!

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