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Personalized audiences segments using addressable geofencing

We help businesses, agencies, and media network partners develop audience segments

Offline behavior and physical location remain key indicators of intent. Utilizing geolocation data, we craft audience segments to assist clients in reaching their specific target audience.

These audience segments are made from geolocation data sourced from over 8.0 million mobile devices (MAID) across Canada, leveraging SDK location data from 1,300 mobile apps. This allows us to gather over 8 billion location data points monthly through in-app geolocation permitted by mobile users, all in compliance with GDPR regulations.

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We provide white-label services and partnership agreements, enabling revenue growth without increasing overhead costs. Our comprehensive managed services for Display or Video ads campaigns, along with audience segment creation, are sure to enhance your value proposition.


Mobile Audience Segments

Over the past year, we have built hyper-targeted audience tribes to reach the best potential customers for our clients in many industries using geolocation to build Mobile Ad Id (MAID) lists. Here are a few examples:


Based on frequent visitors to Car dealers, Garage Auto repair, Gaz station, and other related car service points of contact.


Based on car owners and homeowners. Based on frequently visited home hardware stores, garden centers, and other related home and car service points of contact.


Based on people who have visited government service and immigration offices, community centers, language schools, and other related newcomer's points of contact.


Based on frequent visitors to banks, finance, insurance, home, and business brokers' offices and other related points of contact.

Real Estate

Real estate brokers' offices, home hardware, municipal office, and other related points of contact.


Based on frequent visitors to universities, colleges, coffee shops, libraries, and other places of study.

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