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Do I have the best marketing plan? Am I using the right channels and messages to reach my targeted Audience? Is my current marketing investments bringing me the best Return On Investment (ROI)? 

These are all very pertinent questions you should ask yourself and that’s exactly what our digital consultation is for! Our expertise is to analyze your current advertising portfolio. Find its strengths and weaknesses. Uncover opportunities for your business to stay ahead of the competition without necessarily having to spend more money. 

Optimization of current marketing plans and strategies has been our core business for the past 15 years and believe me when I say: There’s always room for improvements!

Whether you want to analyze your current marketing strategies or create the right plan for your business, we’d love to share your vision.

Pave the way for success using our marketing tips

Not all marketers are created equal. Good marketing is all about dedication, delivery, and advice.


We all have marketing costs that can be optimized. Let us find yours!


Increasing the efficiency and conversion rate of your ads are keys. Learn how you can improve your message.


Targeting the right audience will bring more top-dollar customers to your business.

Raising your

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation! Having the right client nurturing must be a top priority. This could be your game changer.

Training & leveraging your

Communication is key! Learn how your employees can become brand ambassadors.


Having an automated customer communication process through email marketing will improve overall satisfaction and sells

Things to consider

From your website to your online presence

Having a good website is really what’s set you apart from your competitors when it comes to online search. Both search engines and your potential customers need to find the right information and an easy path to purchase if you want to have success in the digital space.

Defining your targeted audience, the right messages and the right marketing channels to use can be difficult but it’s a crucial step in your marketing plan.

Together we’ll analyze these 5 key components to make sure you know what do to and stay ahead of the competition:

  • User Experience (UX) and conversion path analysis
  • Website Structure
  • Onsite SEO; Meta tags, internal link
  • Call to actions
  • Brand & products
  • E-form
  • Tracking capabilities

Before making any marketing plan, it is good to define Who you want to reach and understand the customer behavior so you can decide which media and message are best to reach them.

We’ll brainstorm to make sure we understand who we want to reach, bucket them into different audience segments and define precise strategies & actions for each one of them.

Social media can serve many goals such as:


  • Building your brand, 
  • Customer Communications, 
  • Lead Generating, 
  • Reputation & Valuable Content Sharing.

Staying in touch with your audience is key to success. The more point of contact the more you stay on top of mine! We’ll take a look at your profiles and those of your main competitors.

There are 3 main types of searches on search engines such as Google:


  • Navigational search queries
  • Informational search queries
  • Transactional search queries


We’ll analyze how your business performs on the most relevant search queries in these 3 types of searches versus your main competitors.

The ways you communicate with existing customers and the way you interact with potential leads will help you keep a steady flow of clients in your sales funnel. We’ll take a look at your internal customer communication processes and also see how you can better use online tools such as CRM, and email marketing through your website.

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